Children can develop serious and painful dental diseases that without treatment can adversely affect learning, communication, nutrition and normal growth and development. Extensive dental treatment may be necessary, and many children have anxiety or are too young to cooperate at the dentist’s office. For these children, general anesthesia allows the dentist to complete the necessary dental care safely and efficiently while minimizing fear and ensuring cooperation.

During your consultation visit before general anesthesia, you will be given a complete explanation of the procedure and will be sent home with printed information.

Preparing for Dental Treatment Under General Anesthesia

  • You must arrange for dependable transportation. NO PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION. We strongly recommend that you bring another adult to help you take care of your child after the treatment.
  • You must dedicate your entire day to the surgery. Please do not schedule anything else the day of your child’s treatment. No surgery schedule is totally predictable, and the procedure may take longer than anticipated. We try to be as accurate as possible to make things run smoothly for everyone. We may need to call you to come in earlier or later the day of surgery.
  • You must indicate AT LEAST TWO phone numbers where we can contact you (without fail) from 5am to 5pm.
  • If we are UNABLE TO CONFIRM YOUR APPOINTMENT AT LEAST 24 BUSINESS DAYS PRIOR TO YOUR SCHEDULED TREATMENT, the appointment WILL BE CANCELLED. This is necessary to ensure that all patients are seen.
  • We have many children waiting for the opportunity to receive dental treatment in our facility under the care of our experienced staff and TWO doctors who are specialists in their field. Failure to give at least 24 hours’ notice for an appointment cancellation will result in broken surgery charge to your account and we may not be able to reschedule your appointment for surgery until this fee is paid. Insurance does NOT cover this fee.
  • At this visit new x-rays may be taken for a more accurate diagnosis. This may result in a change in the cost of treatment. All required treatment will be performed when your child is under anesthesia.
  • Your estimate includes only the dental portion of treatment. WE DO NOT BILL FOR ANESTHESIA AND WE DO NOT COLLECT THOSE FEES. You need to contact anesthesia and they will answer any questions you may have about their fees. We partner with 2 fantastic anesthesia groups and Dr. Trautman that can help you understand your insurance coverage.
  • We require medical clearance for all patients undergoing general anesthesia. You child’s pediatrician should be able to complete the medical clearance form and fax it directly to us at 253-517-7810
  • Please be aware that for the safety of your child is recommended that parents do not come into the treatment room during the start of anesthesia or during treatment. Treatment is completed in a sterile environment, and we need to be able to focus exclusively on your child’s needs. If you have any concerns about this, please give us a call and talk directly with Dr. Becker. Once the appointment is over, you will be able to come into the room and be with your child when she/he wakes-up.
  • Most children will wake up cranky, shaky, and unsteady. This is a normal reaction.


  • Eating and drinking: To avoid complications during treatment with sedation or anesthesia, DO NOT allow your child to eat or drink anything (NOT EVEN WATER) after the time specified to you when confirming your scheduled time for the procedure. DO NOT BRUSH YOUR CHILD’S TEETH ON THE MORNING OF THE SURGERY.
  • Comfortable clothing: Dress your child in comfortable clothing that morning. Two-piece pajamas are perfect! If your child would like to bring his/ her favorite blanket or stuffed animal, they are more than welcome to do so!
  • Changes in Health: Contact us with any changes in your child’s health within 7 days prior to the day of surgery. Especially the development of a cold, runny nose, or fever.
  • Consenting adult: A responsible legal guardian must accompany the patient to the dental office and must remain until treatment is completed. Plan to arrive early for your appointment. When possible two adults are recommended at the time dismissal to take the child home. After the treatment he/she should be closely watched for signs of breathing difficulties and should be carefully secured in a car seat or with a seat belt during transportation. DO NOT USE PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION.
  • Medications: If your child takes daily medication for a medical condition (such as seizure medications), call our office and Dr. Becker will inform you if the medicine can be taken prior to the surgery. DO NOT give your child any medicines before the dental treatment without checking with us!