Yes, we want to meet you and provide you with important information about your child’s oral health.  The first time your child comes for an appointment, we encourage parents to come to our back office to meet the doctor and view the treatment area.  For follow-up treatments and exams we prefer parents to stay in the waiting room while treatment is provided.  There are several practical and treatment-related bases for this policy.  As an initial matter, space is limited in the treatment area, and fewer individuals in the treatment area allows us to focus all our attention on your child.  More importantly, however, is the fact that most children do better with treatment if their parent is not present. If you believe that your child will feel more comfortable with you in the room, then your presence is welcomed.  However, while we understand the desire to assist with treatment, please be an observer and let the doctor and her staff manage the situation.  Only one parent is allowed in the treatment area.  Additional family members, i.e., brothers or sisters of the patient, are not allowed in the treatment area unless they are infants.

If your child’s treatment plan requires placement under sedation or general anesthesia you will be required to remain in the waiting room during treatment.  During these procedures, extra staff will be present assisting with the care of your child.  These individuals will be focusing their attention upon your child’s care and they need to be able to perform their functions without distraction!



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